Nachfolgend haben wir einige Tänze aufgeführt, die von dem einen oder anderen, oder von allen aus unserer Gruppe schon einmal gelernt und/oder eingebracht und/oder beigebracht wurden.   

(alles verstanden?)



Wir wollen aber auch versuchen, bei den neuen Tänzen die wir lernen, so wenige wie möglich unserer "alten" wieder zu verlernen oder zu vergessen.









2 Cold Beer  (P)

16 Step  (P)

2 more Bottles

2 left Feet





A 1

A Devil in desguise

A Little bit lit

Act Naturally

After five stomp

After Midnight

After the Storm


Alabama Boy

 All you Need

Angel Eyes

Anythink for Love

Aussie Summer

Aw Naw (a.k.a. Joe and Rosalita)




Baby Belle 

Baby ride easy

Bare Essentinal

Beer for my horses

Beer in Mexico  (P)

Billy´s Dance  (P)

Black Coffee

Blue Smoke 

Blue Summer

Booze Cruise 


Boys will be Boys

Bread and Butter


Bring on the good Times

Buck Wild Stomp  (P) 

Butterfly  (P)





Cabo San Lucas

Came out like a Rose

Canadian Stomp

Cha Cha del Rio (P)

Charleston Bump  (Flip Flop)   (P)


Cheap talk

Circle Twenty

City Light Swing  (P)

Clickety Clack

Colorado Girl  (P)

Come dance with me

Cool Dance


Cotton Eyed Joe  (P)

Cotton Eyed Joe – Mixer  (P)

Cotton picking morning

Country 2 Step

Country and Western Cha cha

Country Walkin´

Cowboy Cha Cha  (P)

Cowboy Cha Cha (Been)  (P)

Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy Hustle

Cowgirls Twist







Dallas walk  (P)

Dance Again

Danny June's Song

Diddley Dee    a.k.a.  Rufus  (P)

Disappearing Teil Lights

Dixie Road

Doctor, Doctor

Don´t look good naked

Don´t you wish

Double Good Time  (P)

Down on your upper

Double shot of Crown

Down in the Island  (P)  

Down the Road

Drinking with Dolly

Drunken Cowboy

Dueling Dancer





East Bound and Down

El Paso  (P)

Electric Slide

Eye Candy



 Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat (P)

Fire and Snow Waltz 

Flobbie Slide

Flying Pigs

Flyin Sparx

Foot Boogie


Forever And Ever




Galway Girls

Girl in a Country Song

Go cat go

God bless Texas

Going Back West

Good day to run

Good Time

Grandma´s Feather Bed

Grundy Gallop




Happy Happy Happy

Hearts and Flowers

Hey Girl

Hillbilly Girl

Hillbilly Rock - Hillbilly Roll


Holly´s Church

Hometown Honky Tonk

Honky Tonk Stomp

Horseshoe Shuffle  (Pt)







 I4C Fun Push

I love a rainy night

I Love this Bar  (P)

I saw the light

Independence Day

Irish Stew




Jack Daniels

Jacobs Ladder

Jackson Strait  (P)

Jailhouse Creole



Joe and Rosalita (a.k.a. Aw Naw)

Jubilee Stroll  (P)

Jungle Freak

Just a little Fun

Just a minute





Keep Cool

Kentucky Chug

Kid Rock Alabama

Kill the Spiders




Last Minute

Let me into your Heart

Let´s roll with it 

Lightning Polka

Line Dance Party

Little Black Book

Long Long Way  (P)

Live my Life

Long time ago

Louisiana Swing

Love´s gonna make it

Lover please come back  (P)





Make a little  (NEU) 

Magic Moments

Marvin Gaye  (P)

Middle of Nowhere with you  (P)

Missing you

Move Slower 

My dog has Puppies





Native  American

Need you

New Barn Dance  (P)

Not fair

Nothin´ but Taillights two  (P)





One Step Forward

Only You

Open Heart Cowboy

Our Little White Church  (P)




Pavement Ends - The Florida Dance






Quater after one 





Red Hot Salsa

Reggae Cowboy

Rhyme or Reason



Rose Garden





Seminole Wind

Shadow  (P)

Shuttin´ Detroit Down

Side by Side

Siedlertanz  (P)

Slappin´ Leather

Some Town somewhere

Something in the Water

South Side Shuffle

Southern Delight

Southern Streamline

Speak to the sky

Spirit in the sky

Start the Car

Stepping out for Harry (I ride a horse)

Stray Cat

Stroll along Cha Cha

Sweetheart  Scottisch  (P)





Tag on

Texas Clogger

The Bucket  

The Butterfly

The Gambler

The Trail

The World 

This & That

Three Teacher

Three Wooden Crosses


Traveling Gypsy  (P) 

Trip Up

Truck A Truck

Turn on the Texas


Two Boys 






United  (P)

Urban Life










 Wagon Wheel Rock 4 2  (P)

Walk of Life

Walk the Line

Walking away 

Waltz across Texas

  Wanderer (Contra)

Wanna be There

Watermelon Crawl

Wave on Wave

Western Barn Dance  (P)

Whiskey Wiggle  (P)

 White Rose

White Rose for 2  (P)

Whole Again

Wings of Love  (P)

Wishful Thinking

Woman Trouble









You, Tequilla and me

You´re so naughty